The Pore Extractor

265 reviews

The Pore Extractor

265 reviews
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Are you ready to Get Rid of Dirt & Oil trapped inside your pores?

The Pore Extractor is the porefect FDA approved device for keeping your face clean and clear using the latest technology of blackhead extraction, making the traditional way of removing blackheads a thing of the past. The Pore Extractor suction modes starts at level 1 up to a powerful level 5, in order to meet the requirements of different skin types (sensitive, dry, normal, mixed and oily skin).

It has 5 different replaceable suction probes and 3 LED skincare lights. Our Pore Extractor features a powerful suction technology which creates an airflow and centrifugal force that separates the blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and impurities from the skin without pain. 

After numerous tests completed by more than 1,000 users, The Pore Extractor can effectively remove dead skin, grease, makeup residues, and tighten skin after continuously using it 1-2 times per week for 2-6 weeks continuously.

FDA Approved
1 Year Warranty 
1 Year Replacement Guarantee 


✔ Reduces the appearance of larger pores
✔ Increases skin hydration 
✔ Removes trapped dirt & oil 
✔ Leaves your skin soft & smooth
✔ Allows your skin to absorb skincare products up to 20x deeper
✔ Is designed to assist you with exfoliation, skin rejuvenation & spot cleaning
✔ Provides you the same results as expensive professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatments
✔ Makes your skin look and feel beautiful

Results You Can See!

The Pore Extractor increases blood circulation and skin elasticity by gently massaging your skin. Our extractors deliver beautiful results with an easy-to-use at home system.

You will look like you just returned from a professional microdermabrasion skin treatment by erasing those signs of aging, you will create a flawless canvas for your face. Say goodbye to those fine lines and say hello to your new youthful appearance.

    What Do The LED Lights Do?

    • Red light mode stimulates collagen and elastin production, which plumps and firms the skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Blue light mode has antibacterial properties that helps kills bacteria, helping to clear and control unwanted breakouts.
    • Green light mode reduces the production of melanin, lightens, and reduces pigmentation, helping to even the complexion of your skin tone.

    Dr Dennis Gross, a New York based dermatologist, puts it this way, “think of the light as an ingredient”. Think of LED light as another ingredient for your skin care. LED is short for Light Emitting Diode and the different wavelengths of the LED light works in the level of skin cells. This stimulates the skin on a cell level for instance, stimulating collagen production. Rather than having instant dramatic difference on the skin, LED light therapy has long-term biological effect when topically used for a period of time.

    Despite it being on the spotlight only recently, LED treatments have been around for over 30 years now! Fun fact, it were originally developed for astronomical purposes, to increase blood flow, tissue healing and repair for astronauts. Unlike other types of light therapy, LED does not contain ultraviolet rays, making it safe for regular use.

    How To Use

    1. Remove all makeup if applied prior to use.
    2. Take a warm to hot shower, use a warm to hot towel over your face or steam your face with our The Porefect Skin Steamer for 5-10 minutes to allow pores to be opened and exposed before use
    3. Apply your favorite facial cleanser and rinse.
    4. We highly recommend using the 1st setting for intensity of suction and the #3 tip to start. Your face should NOT be completely dry when you start. 
    5. Move the Pore Extractor back and forth DO NOT keep the extractor in one place for more than 2-3 seconds as the suction is very powerful and can bruise your skin! 
    6. Use a cold towel or cold face mask to close your facial pores and apply your favorite facial moisturizer when finished.
    7. May causing bruising if not used as directed. 

      What's included?

      1 x Rechargeable PoreExtractor Blackhead Vacuum
      5 x Interchangeable Probe Tips
      1 x Pack of Isolation Changing Pads & o-rings (6 Month Supply)
      USB Charging Cable
      Instruction Manual

      FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS certificated to ensure your safety with our products.

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      United States United States
      Game changer

      I was so shocked how well this worked! My face is so clear and pores shrunk overall with one use! Love this tool!

      Sarah F.
      United States United States

      The pore company is amazing!! I got the smaller pore extractor and after years of suffering from clogged pores and just feeling like my face is never clean today my face feels clean! You won't believe the stuff that comes out it's crazy

      A The Pore Company  Customer
      Ashley B.
      United States United States

      It took a minute to get used to the vacuum feeling on your face but they warned you of that, which I really appreciate that. After a few uses it felt totally normal and my skin has never felt smoother!

      Stacy R.
      United States United States

      I can't believe how powerful this extractor is!! It does a terrific job of cleaning out those nasty pores that washing can not get.. Highly recommended!!

      Leilani K.
      United States United States

      It took a little while to figure out which heads worked best for my face but after I figured it out...HOLY COW! This took sooo much “gunk” out of my pores! My skin feels amazing & I can tell that my pores are slowly shrinking after over a month of using the pore extractor. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!